Tar 'N Trail 6 and 2 Mile Run


A mixture of road and trail in and around Lithia Park, Strawberry-Hald Park, and the side streets of Ashland. Course will be marked on Friday March 12th with special TNT signage. Maps will be available online and in-store leading up to the week of the event as well. Runners will complete the course on their own time and accord, allowing for proper social distancing and safety measures. 
That being said, participants will have one week, from 3/13 to 3/20 to complete the 6 or 2 mile journey.  
We will have a special premium to award those that follow the exact Tar N Trail path (you will receive a message on the course about how to collect.) We hope that this serves as a special incentive to run the exact route.
Additionally, this year all proceeds will benefit the John Muir Outdoor School. Absolutely no littering or taking shortcuts on the trail). New to last year, the 2 Mile Dash will circle Lithia Park on the same 6 mile course and return to the finish via Granite St, this route will follow the same guidelines and prize announcement.



Tar N Trail Course Description 

Starting line is marked 50 yards down Winburn Rd from the intersection of S Pioneer and Hargadine Streets. 

Begin by following S Pioneer South 50 yards around the gate and onto the dirt road that enters the park. >>>>>>

After a quarter mile enter the upper trails on you left, directly across from the steps and bannisters that drop down to the creek. >>>>>>

Rise the steps and follow to you right, you will continue another quarter mile until a four way intersection, turn right and follow down the trail. >>>>>>

Continue on the trail for approximately, one-half mile until you come to a T in the trail.  Turn left, up the hill for 100 yards, you will stay on the trail do not take the stairs up to the road. >>>>>>

Stay on the trail, high above the creek as it wanders past the water tank and reservoir. Run on the grass to the restrooms at the back of the park and out the gate. >>>>>>

Turn right once you exit the gate and circle back on the dirt road down to Granite St.  You will run on the side of Granite facing traffic for one-half mile, (for the 2 mile you will run down Winburn road into the park, past the duck pond, tennis courts, band shell, past Nutley St all the way to the Public Works building where you will turn in to the parking lot entrance to the recycling center before the creek crossing, Guanajuato Way and Sesame. Look for the finish line on the ground. CONGRATS!)  past Winburn Road and the entrance to the upper duck pond, look for the Granite Street stairs on the third driveway to your left.  Take the driveway up to the stairs, all the way up to the TID. >>>>>>

Once you hit the canal, turn right and run along for approximately one half mile, crossing Strawberry Rd and onto the Ditch Rd. >>>>>>

You will continue on the ditch road looking for the second entrance on the left that rises into Strawberry-Hald Park, approximately one-third of a mile.  Follow the switchback until you top out at the summit of the hill and the resting bench. >>>>>>

The trail will run past the bench on the right and follow counter clockwise (left) down and around the knoll to the long driveway that enters off Strawberry Lane and Hitt Rd. Do not turn right onto the trails that lead into the neighborhoods. >>>>>>

Cross the driveway and re-join the trail as it makes its way to Strawberry Lane.  Cross Strawberry onto Hitt Rd and climb the hill past the gate above the last house.  Look for a right turn onto Birdsong Trail in 100 yards. >>>>>>

At the bottom of Birdsong Trail, run through the cul-de-sac and take a left turn on Strawberry Lane and follow it around the bend as it turns into Westwood Street where you will run down the hill for approximately one third of a mile. >>>>>>

Look for a right turn onto the steps that drop down into the gulch that connects Westwood and Sunnyview Drive.  Once you pop out onto Sunnyview Drive, follow the street North until it connects with Grandview Drive (approximately one third of a mile), facing oncoming traffic. >>>>>>

Once on Grandview you will run down the street through the intersection with Scenic Drive where you will continue on Scenic to the Stop sign at Church St. >>>>>>

Turn left, down Church St for one quarter of a mile, you will then turn right on High St and proceed one block to Granite St. >>>>>>

Use caution crossing Granite St, look for the entrance to the lower Ashland Creek trails that run behind the Plaza shops and Guanajuato Way.  You will drop down the stairs and follow the trail to the right heading back to the recycling center towards Lithia Park and the Public Works building.>>>>>>

CONGRATULATIONS, you will see the FINISH line written on the ground in the small parking area adjacent to the Public Works building.  



Start Location:

Pioneer & Hargadine Street, Lithia Park entrance. Up from the Elizabethan Theater. Facilities: Parking and bathrooms available in Lithia Park. 

To Enter:

       Registration via UltraSignUp.com


Entry fee for both races: $10. Short-sleeve tee option from CRAFT available for an additional $15 during the checkout process, the perfect commemorative companion piece.  


Proceeds will benefit the John Muir Outdoor School