First Rd Review

Abandoned Cart Static Set:

  • For all banners, what rule should we follow for logo color - red or all white, over light or dark backgrounds?
  • Swapped usage of Elizabethan here (from other banner category) to support the "great seats..." message



    Main Ad Set - Static:

    • Same logo color/style question
    • Like above, use of one line to break messaging is better balanced than using two like in the animated versions
    • Gave each play a banner, based selection on best crop potential within each banner size



      Main Ad Set - Animated:

      • Maintained "O" intro for each
      • Same logo color/style question
      • Like above arrangements, logo placement is consistent for each banner size
      • Added black block backgrounds to the logos for skinny banners to help with the image crops - the wider or taller the image the less info (on average for all three plays) shows