Here at Rogue Valley Runners, we are committed to properly fitting each foot that walks or runs through our doors. Every employee is trained to talk with you about your specific needs, concerns, or goals ensuring you that the shoe that you are fitted for is the right shoe for your foot. We also offer a free video camera/stride analysis service at the store to help with your footwear selection.

Hal Koerner, Owner

An outdoor enthusiast since age the 10; Hal has been hiking, running, and biking all over the United States. His real passion however is running, more specifically running the trails. Hal has been named one of the top ten ultra-runners in North America 9 times over the last 10 years. To date, Hal has run over 120 ultra-marathons (any race over 26.2 miles, and typically up to 100 miles or more) and finished in the top 3 in 75% of them. With first place finishes two years in a row at the Western States 100-miler – considered to be one of the oldest ultra trail events in the world and certainly one of the most challenging.

In addition to running races Hal is also the race director of 4 Southern Oregon runs: Tar N' Trail 6 Mile, Pompadour Half Marathon, Lithia Loop Trail Marathon, Pine to Palm 100 Mile Endurance Run.


Hal views Rogue Valley Runners as the vehicle towards which people can gain a healthy perspective of themselves, their goals, and their community as it relates to being physically active. "Community involvement, whether it be on the city streets or up on the trails is just one venue by which we can create some awareness around our need to give back to the city that gives us so much."

Abbey, Store Pup

Even though she has never entered a race, Abbey trains rather diligently logging the daily miles like a traveling salesman. We imagine she likes her svelte figure and wants to keep it that way. (Don't tell her we told you so.)

Erik Skaggs, Sales

"As far back as I can recall the mountains of the west have had this magnetic pull upon my soul and have dictated just about every major decision in my life. Which is exactly how I ended up in Ashland working at Rogue Valley Runners. Several years ago I was looking for a nice town with good people, nice weather, and mountains. At almost that exact point in time I met Hal(see above bio) and he explained to me in quite simple terms that Ashland, Oregon had all the aforementioned accoutrements I was longing for. Soon thereafter I found myself in Ashland running straight uphill for mile after glorious mile everyday. I can't imagine things being much better."

Leland Fulton, Sales

Leland grew up running in the wet, muddy foothills of Oregonís Coast Range. With over ten years of competitive cross country and track and field under his belt, Leland moved to Ashland for the vast trail systems and extended periods of sunshine. These days he enjoys being the resident middle-distance runner at RVR while taking time out to further explore the region ... be it on rope, by boat, or (preferably) on foot.Ý

Jeff Olsen, Sales

"I was born and raised in Ashland and grew up planning to be the next Joe Montana. Found out I was better at running and haven't looked back since. The only aspect of running I have enjoyed more than competing in high school and college was coaching for four years at Ashland high school and watching kids discover that running can be something fun. Ironically, as the only true native at RVR, I have learned more about the trails around Ashland from my transplant coworkers who often have to remind me where we are, and where we are going."

Ryan Ghelfi, Sales

"I came to Ashland 5 years ago, to go to college and to run cross country and track, mostly for the running. Now that my college career has come to an end I will be moving up to running longer distances. I have run one marathon on the roads, but am looking forward to hitting the trails. I am a big fan of mountains, and all they have to offer. In addition to running in the mountains around Southern Oregon I also ski frequently, winter, spring and summer, most often climbing for my turns. My goals include skiing first descents, setting long trail records, and never getting a 'real' job."

Holly Hight, Sales

Holly moved to Ashland from Portland nearly two years ago and loves the balance running gives her. It's a means of staying healthy and getting some much needed recharging (she is the mother of a VERY active five-year-old).Ý

Darcy Kleiman, Sales

Darcy has always had a passion for the outdoors. The need to live in the mountains and escape the big city is what brought her from the bay area to Ashland in 2005. As a personal trainer, triathlete, and trail runner it only made sense that Darcy would eventually end up at Rogue Valley Runners. In her effort to keep up with the big boys she too has entered the world of ultrarunning. Foregoing Ironman training for the trails, Darcy spends much of her free time with her four legged companion just doing her best to keep up! Her most recent accomplishment, acceptance into nursing school. Woo, hoo!

Chris Rennaker, Sales

Chris originally hails from the flat lands of northern Indiana. He made his way west working as a field-biologist with the Forest Service in several western states. Chris has been an avid runner for 10 years and 2008 marked his debut at the ultra distance events. In 2008 Chris completed five ultra's including four 50km races and a 50 mile race. When Chris is not working at Rogue Valley Runners or running, he enjoys hiking, traveling to new running destinations, cartography, Ýand hanging out with friends. Chris is also a GIS Analyst for the Talent Irrigation District.